Hello, I'm Rancz Andrei. My journey began in Brasov, matured in Sfantu Gheorghe, and was further honed in Targu Mures through the vast expanse of the internet. Over the years, my core passion has remained consistent – the world of live visual arts.
Photography Career:
In 2008, my foray into photography began. Just a few years later, I co-founded ra2studio and took on the role of its main photographer. Our hard work and dedication have established us as one of the leading microstock contributors in the industry, boasting over 2.5 million sales since 2010.
Ventures into Video Design & Theater:
By 2015, I ventured into VJ-ing and video design, joining the Tone Troopers audio-visual association. This association, coupled with my engagements at the University of Arts in Targu Mures, allowed me the privilege to work with esteemed Romanian directors such as Botond Nagy, Gábor Tompa, László Bocsárdi, and Silviu Purcarete. These collaborations led me to some of Romania's most prestigious theaters and even abroad. In 2020, my contributions to the theater industry were recognized with a nomination to UNITER.
Music and Band Affiliation:
2016 was marked by my entry into the world of music as I joined the Szempöl band as a VJ and photographer. This melding of music and visual arts further enriched my professional landscape.
Entrepreneurial Journey & Current Focus:
In 2014, my entrepreneurial spirit culminated in the founding of Lightwriting LLC, aimed at providing unmatched video solutions for live events. Today, my primary focus remains on my company. At Lightwriting LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier video services – from stunning visuals and meticulous signal management to unparalleled broadcast services. Our aim is to ensure every event's essence is captured and presented with the highest caliber of professionalism.
theater shows:
2023. | video | Ivan Vyrypaev: The Iranian Conference, Director: Bocsárdi László, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe

2022. | video design | Ivan Vyrypaev: Oxygen, Director: Pálffy Tibor, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe

2022. | video design | Tamási Áron: The Precarious Fiancé, Director: Albu István, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe

2022. | video design |  William Shakespear: Macbeth, Director: Botond Nagy, Deutsche Abteilung - Nationaltheater Radu Stanca, Sibiu

2022. | video design | William Shakespear: Richard III, Director: Bocsárdi László, MARIN SORESCU NATIONAL THEATRE, Craiova

2021. | video media license | Giuseppe Verdi: DON CARLO, Director: Mark Daniel Hirsch, Theater BONN

2021. | video | William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Director: Tompa Gábor, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

2021. | video design | Szörényi Levente, Bródy János: István a király, Director: Orza Calin, Sepsi Aréna, Sf. Gheorghe

2021. | video design | Botond Nagy: Talking Toilets, Director: Botond Nagy, Alexandru Davila Theatre, Pitești

2021. | led and video design | Szerb Antal: Journey by Moonlight, Director: Botond Nagy, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

2020. | video design | Hideki Noda: Hideki Noda's Midsummer Night's Dream, Director: Silviu Purcárete, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo

2020. | live feed, video | Benedek Zsolt, Balogh Attila: Y, Director: Balogh Attila, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea

2020. | live feed | Heiner Müller: Quartett, Director: Hunor Von Horváth, Deutsche Abteilung - Nationaltheater Radu Stanca

2019. | visuals | Witold Gombrowicz: Yvonne, Director: Botond Nagy, Deutsche Abteilung - Nationaltheater Radu Stanca, Sibiu

2019. | video and stage design| Henrik Ibsen: NORA, A Doll's house, Director: Botond Nagy, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

2018. | video | William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice, Director: Tompa Gábor, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

2018. | visuals | Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler, Director: Botond Nagy, Radu Stanca National Theatre, Sibiu

2017. | visuals | Adaptare liberă după Ţara Minunilor şi Ţara din Oglindă de Lewis CARROLL Alice, Coproducție între Tamási Áron Theatre and sZempöl Offchestra, Director: László Bocsárdi, Tamási Áron Theater, Sfântu Gheorghe

2017. | visuals | Hommage à Maurice Maeterlinck, Samuel Beckett, Hajas Tibor, Pilinszky János & Pier Paolo Pasolini: BLINDS, Director: Botond Nagy, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

2016. | Live feed, visuals | Igor Bauersima:, Director: István Kövesdy, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe

2015. | visuals, live feed | August Strindberg: Miss Julie, with scenes from Tarkovsky, Director: Botond Nagy, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfântu Gheorghe

2015. | visuals, live feed | Samuel Beckett-Botond Nagy: Krapp`s Last Folder,
Club 180*, Târgu-Mureș

2015. | visuals, live feed | William Shakespeare: HAMLET  r e w o r k, Director: Botond Nagy, Club 180*, Târgu-Mureș
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