Live Visuals​​​​​​​
We offer specialized VJ (Video Jockey) services for live events like concerts and festivals. Our team uses advanced software and hardware to mix and manipulate video streams in real-time, creating an immersive visual experience. We can incorporate pre-edited content with bespoke motion graphics, or provide dynamic live visuals using a multi-camera setup if available. This enhances the audience's engagement and adds a unique visual dimension to your event.
iMAG (Image Magnification)
Our iMAG service employs high-quality 3G-SDI broadcast technology. This is essential for large-scale events, as it magnifies live video feeds onto screens, ensuring all attendees, regardless of their location, have a clear view. 3G-SDI is a standard in professional broadcasting for transmitting uncompressed, high-definition video over coaxial cable, offering both reliability and superior image quality.
Video Signal Management
We provide end-to-end video signal management for events, encompassing everything from the initial design to execution. Our team handles complex configurations, ensuring flawless transmission of video signals to various displays such as LED walls, TVs, and live streaming platforms. We use industry-standard equipment and protocols to manage these signals efficiently, offering solutions that are not constrained by distance, thanks to our extensive planning and logistical capabilities.
Video Design for Theatre Shows
Our service in video design for theatre involves collaborating with production teams to create and integrate video content that complements the narrative and aesthetic of the show. We use a combination of projection mapping, LED displays, and custom video content, ensuring technical excellence and artistic integrity in enhancing the theatrical experience.
Projection Mapping
Our projection mapping service transforms any surface into a dynamic video display. Using advanced software and high-lumen projectors, we can warp and blend projected images to fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces like buildings, stages, or interior spaces. This technology allows for creating visually stunning effects that can turn any environment into an immersive experience. We handle everything from the initial 3D mapping and content creation to the final execution, ensuring a seamless and impactful visual presentation.
On-Site Networking Solutions
For events requiring robust networking infrastructure, we provide comprehensive solutions including full WiFi coverage, high-speed 10Gbps fiber connections, and 10Gbps network storage. Our team sets up and manages wireless point-to-point solutions, ensuring high-capacity, low-latency networks that can handle the demands of large-scale events. This service is crucial for events where reliable internet connectivity and data transfer are paramount.
Rental Services for Video Equipment
Our rental service is specially designed to cater to high-end event production needs, offering a range of advanced video equipment:
4K Cameras: We provide a selection of top-tier 4K cameras, known for their high resolution and exceptional image quality. These cameras are ideal for capturing detailed footage in a variety of settings, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events. Our inventory includes a wide range of lenses compatible with 4K cameras, allowing for versatility in shot selection and composition. From wide-angle to telephoto, our lenses ensure that you have the right tool for every scenario.
8K Video Processor: Essential for ultra-high-definition video content, these processors ensure your footage is crisp and detailed, even on large screens.
Scalers: To maintain the integrity of your video on different display sizes, our scalers adjust video signals to the appropriate resolution without quality loss.
Matrix Switchers: Facilitate seamless switching and management of multiple video sources with our matrix switchers, ideal for complex setups.
High-Definition Projectors: Our range includes projectors capable of 2K display, suitable for various event sizes.
Fiber Solutions for Video Routing: For high-bandwidth, long-distance video transmission, our fiber optic solutions provide reliable, high-quality video signal routing.
We ensure all equipment, including our 4K cameras and lenses, is maintained to the highest standards for reliability and performance. Our team offers expert advice to help you choose the right equipment for your event, and we provide comprehensive support including setup and operational assistance.
In addition to our extensive inventory, we recognize that some events may have unique or larger-scale requirements. For such instances, we have established partnerships with the best in the industry. This network of partners allows us to expand our capabilities and solve any challenge, no matter the scale or complexity. Our team, alongside our trusted partners, is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific event needs, ensuring a successful and memorable experience for you and your audience.

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