In 2013 I've read an entry on, which was about creating lightpainting product photos with the help of an iPhone and an iPad. The presented topic and pictures were too interesting for me not to give it a try myself. I gather my camera, tripod, shutter release cable, iPhone, iPad, and I started shooting with some simple objects from my shelf, after which arose a question, and namely whether would it be possible to create a long exposure portrait. At best, you would need a minimum of 15-20 seconds for painting the face, so we started the task with a feeling of uncertainty, but at last, we were pretty pleased with the end results. Returning to the concept of lightpainting, it is amazing how many things can be done with this technology because of its versatility and the quality of the end product, and it can reach far beyond the idea of going out in nature and drawing different shapes in the air with a torch. 
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